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Apr 20, 2013

I'd Rather Be At Coachella

Another year, another year I wish I went to Coachella. Is it really even a music festival anymore or just a gathering of celebrities? Either way, the festival style is epic. It all comes to a close tomorrow but I must say... This summer I need to make my way out to a music festival sometime this summer.



J. said...

Why don't you check out ACL in Austin? It's not so far from you, in October the weather is still lovely AND it's 2 weekends this year. I've gone every year for about the last 8 years but sadly I might miss it this year, not sure I can swing the extra time off before my wedding.

Taylor Brione said...

What about free press in Houston? I've never been but I heard good stuff!

Taylor Brione

MalibuMara said...

@PB lol that is great life advice.

@J ACL is a possibility!!! I forgot about that one!

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