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Apr 20, 2013

I'd Rather Be At Coachella

Another year, another year I wish I went to Coachella. Is it really even a music festival anymore or just a gathering of celebrities? Either way, the festival style is epic. It all comes to a close tomorrow but I must say... This summer I need to make my way out to a music festival sometime this summer.



Panty Buns said...

Me too! That 1st photo fills me with longing to be there. They look so happy and I love the fashion. The live concerts would be great and it would be a lot of fun (at least in my mind). How did I get so old and reclusive? You're young, so I suspect you will get out to a music festival. That jewelry in the last photo is pretty and fascinating.


J. said...

Why don't you check out ACL in Austin? It's not so far from you, in October the weather is still lovely AND it's 2 weekends this year. I've gone every year for about the last 8 years but sadly I might miss it this year, not sure I can swing the extra time off before my wedding.

Taylor Brione said...

What about free press in Houston? I've never been but I heard good stuff!

Taylor Brione

MalibuMara said...

@PB lol that is great life advice.

@J ACL is a possibility!!! I forgot about that one!

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