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Apr 6, 2013

Starry Eyed, Ellie Goulding and Nike

If you read my blog you probably get my Ellie Goulding obsession. She claims shes a RUNNER FIRST and a Musician second. She has lead many Nike runs, soooo it was only a matter of time that Nike gave in and let her design her own shoe. She's obviously a big Lunar fan so she has her own pair of FlyKnit Lunar1 PLUS (this is more important)  Nike is releasing an exclusive mix of her album Halcyon. Oh and the trainers look pretty grand.

The mix releases in 15 days, you can use it to train for a half-marathon or something...Now that's its spring I can maybe stop being a potato and get on my Goulding Grind.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HALCYON That album is soooo soothing!
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