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Apr 14, 2013

Weekend (s) Wrapup :D

I've been having some really great past few weeks, all I need to do is get my blog life together! I have a few events and interviews/collabs/photoshoots lined up. DON'T THINK IVE NEGLECTED YOU. I've been working in silence. So what have I been up to? Eating. LOL, It always looks like all I do is eat?
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Well I've fed my steak nacho obsession with the largest nacho plate at chachos. Highly reccomended. It's sad I know. // Went out to bar-x ranch for Easter, like I do every Easter... stuffed my face with crawfish. SUCCESS. // Michael Kors arm party at Cajun Craven with old friends? Don't mind if I do. // Sushi  nights with the boo. Good food and good company. // Houston Magazine and Zoes. I LOVE ZOES. All of the kabobs are great but the shrimp rank 3/3. Steak is best, followed  by Salmon at close second. // ALL MY HIGH SCHOOL BESTIES. LOL. I love seeing them, and I love how successful all my old friends are. Pharmacy school, Teacher, Ministry Leader, Nurse, Audiology school... Career driven girls for the win. // My mom bought me this artichoke on steroids. Have you ever cooked and prepped an artichoke? I'm over it. It took forever. Jarred artichoke hearts for this girl.  // My Baby at the car wash. We missed my first oil change by like.... 4,000 miles. LOL. OH MY. I bought that car in November, its a sad story. But i love my car. we've been through alot in such a short amount of time LOL.// ROSHE RUNS. WOVEN. WHATCHUKNOWABOUTTHAT? Im actually exchanging them for a smaller size. They run kind of big.

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