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Apr 14, 2013

Weekend (s) Wrapup :D

I've been having some really great past few weeks, all I need to do is get my blog life together! I have a few events and interviews/collabs/photoshoots lined up. DON'T THINK IVE NEGLECTED YOU. I've been working in silence. So what have I been up to? Eating. LOL, It always looks like all I do is eat?
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Well I've fed my steak nacho obsession with the largest nacho plate at chachos. Highly reccomended. It's sad I know. // Went out to bar-x ranch for Easter, like I do every Easter... stuffed my face with crawfish. SUCCESS. // Michael Kors arm party at Cajun Craven with old friends? Don't mind if I do. // Sushi  nights with the boo. Good food and good company. // Houston Magazine and Zoes. I LOVE ZOES. All of the kabobs are great but the shrimp rank 3/3. Steak is best, followed  by Salmon at close second. // ALL MY HIGH SCHOOL BESTIES. LOL. I love seeing them, and I love how successful all my old friends are. Pharmacy school, Teacher, Ministry Leader, Nurse, Audiology school... Career driven girls for the win. // My mom bought me this artichoke on steroids. Have you ever cooked and prepped an artichoke? I'm over it. It took forever. Jarred artichoke hearts for this girl.  // My Baby at the car wash. We missed my first oil change by like.... 4,000 miles. LOL. OH MY. I bought that car in November, its a sad story. But i love my car. we've been through alot in such a short amount of time LOL.// ROSHE RUNS. WOVEN. WHATCHUKNOWABOUTTHAT? Im actually exchanging them for a smaller size. They run kind of big.


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Panty Buns said...

I'm glad to read that your past few weeks have been great! I'm a vegetarian but I can still appreciate the sentiment. Artichokes do take a long time to eat but they're good. I'm lazy though so I'll get the jarred artichoke hearts too or the frozen ones and microwave them. I'm loving the start of Spring.

As for blogging I've been doing one post a month. Then just today I found out I'd been "clone plagiarized" - not that I really mind that much. I released most of my photos and videos into the public domain. It kind of bothered me that they copied the text and claimed they wrote it. My last post which I did April 12th was titled: "OOTD: Lingerie Review of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High-Waist Satin Panties with Blu Sage Blouse" on my blog "Full Brief Panties". That one is really by me. (I'd love your comment there)

The clone appears to be done someone who had been taking over abandoned Blogspot blogs had plagiarized the first part of my post verbatim only two days after I originally posted it. The Clone plagiarism post is Lingerie Review of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s and is on a blog titled full-brief-panty. The abandoned blog claimer and post clone plagiarizer's Blogger User Profile is "Admin" (HERE). They list what appear to be 29 different misappropriated abandoned blogs as "My blogs".
After each post I noticed the words "Diposkan oleh" "Langganan" "Beranda" "Komentar" "Tidak ada komentar" "Which Google Translate says mean "Posted by" "Subscribe" "Home" "Comment" "No comment" in Indonesian - not that means "Admin" is Indonesian, but I think that's the language being used. Maybe I should just forget about it.

Aside from that my taxes done with, I enjoyed the weekend, I love all the Spring fashions and am loving the start of Spring weather and everything that goes with it.

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