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May 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Work Weak?

So, I'm slowly showing you all my photoshoot images and I must say my last week may have been straight up work and little play. BUT ITS OK, because my real job is pretty much like play.
LtoR: The two tiny thumbnails are some behind the scenes from the shoot// Who is that handsome gentleman that I ate Bahn Minh with? hmm.// It was kids day at work. I helped my boss teach them about what it takes to make our logo apparel and the different kinds of things that we offer. Then we gave them tshirts and let them design their own... kids are strange. // You might not be able to see it but I saw a rainbow on the way home! lol..// AHH I stayed up till like 1 am watching Lizzie Mcguire. I miss that show yo. // Out take from the shoot. //  Hello kitty fruit snacks get me through the work day. I'll never grow up. // My bestie is graduating next weekend. I'll have a ton a photos from that in next week's roundup// I love my Puma Nualas, they're so comfy. I wore them washing my car. She's not even 1 yet but she's so spoiled. I drive her wayyy to much. // The neighbohood sweater weather is my current jam. See below.
Even though its basically summer, this sweater weather song is perfectly sweet. PLUS, I had to wear a sweater Friday, cold fronts be trippin.
PS Happy Cinco De MAYO.
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