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Jun 3, 2013

Free Press Summer Fest 2013

Free Press Summer Fest 2013. What. A. Weekend.
 In honor of summer and all things music, the free press summer fest is now in it's 5th inception and is carving its way out into being a premiere summer outdoor music festival. With a huge lineup, and several stages to view genres across the board; there was never a dull moment.

L to R: Totes Randie and I before 2chainz, front rowww!// The Neptune stage//Passion Pit//more 2 Chainz//Mars Stage//Paul Wall// Borgore
Yes there was heat. The event is outdoors at Elanor Tinsley park nestled in the heart of Houston. The key was to dress well, and stay hydrated.
FESTIVAL FASHION: Forever21 lace top and fringe purse, acid wash shorts, cotton on fedora.

From 2chainz to Bassnectar, our line up choice was nothing short of epic. We saw: Part of Paul Wall, The lead from Interpol, 2chainz, Heard a bit of Arctic Monkeys, made our way back to Borgore, PASSION PIT, and ended day one with CALVIN HARRIS! Day two we made it out for the end of Machine Gun Kelly and Bassnectar.  EPIC. EPIC.EPIC.
L to R: The stage from far away. We made our way 10 feet from the stage in that sea on people!//Confetti falling at Calvin Harris// Totally Randie and I inadvertently were matching with Flower crowns and FPSF shirts// Bassnectar killing a Beatles tune.. The end of FPSF with Geauxsicles// There were fireworks//The staff saw me taking photos and wanted one with me, I was in a jolly mood so I said why not. LOL. I made weird friends at FPSF.

Shout out to Totally Randie for winning tickets and inviting me! Will we be back?
IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION? YES. YES WE WILL! So now that I have gotten my first music festival out of the way... I think I'm ready for a Bonnaroo or Coachella. Anyone down?

malibumaraTV is BACK.


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Woow, grat pics!

FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

This festival seems so cool :D

I love your top!!


Unknown said...

Super cute! Hahaha that first photo with that banner...

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This looks like so much fun!! : )

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