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Jul 22, 2013

I Don't Pop Molly, I Rock Tom Ford.

Back like I never left? It seems like everyone is jamming Jay Z and name dropping Tom Ford.Can't lie, Tom Ford lipsticks are legendary but at $50 a pop, I'm going to have to leave those at the counter. In regards to menswear, I have always held Tom Ford as Golden. SPEAKING OF GOLDEN, I die at his thigh high heels. I need a pair. NEED!
Let me drop a little Tom Ford knowledge on you guys really quick.
Did you know he's a Fashion Designer AND a Film Director?

He's also from Austin, Texas! (A little disambiguation is needed, Even though my blog name is MalibuMara, I'm from Houston, Texas, H-Town is my playground and my hometown! Sorry Malibu)

Tom Ford was the creative Director at Gucci and YSL for a few years (10 to be exact).
He was also a 2010 menswear designer of the year nominee by the CFDA.
When asked about being name dropped by Jay Z Tom said, "It's a kind of validation of one's work, as it means that one has really penetrated and made an impact on popular culture."
We agree.

Fashion History 101. You're welcome.
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