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Jul 25, 2013

Wanderlust: Follow Me

One of my favorite photo series has to be from Russian photographer Murad Osmann called "Follow me to." It's been circulating the internet for a bit, but I finally decided to blog about it.
Basically, each photo is taken with his girlfriend around the world and in each image they are intertwined in some form or fashion. I LOVE IT. (Want to copycat this idea sooo bad.)THE COOL THING IS, It's still going. You can follow photographer @muradosmann on instagram and see where he his girlfriend will end up next. Its amazing. I love it.
What a creative documentation of travel. With her back turned, she is inviting us to the these lush radiant environments around the world. I could only hope to travel as much in my lifetime. Whether New York, Moscow, Asia-- these photos are amazing souvenirs from such different lands.
Does it make you want to travel?

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