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Oct 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Semi Roadtrippin

 So work travel led me to San Antonio at the Tower of the Americas. I had to help out with inventory but it was nice to see all the cool apparel we developed hanging in the store. I was there for 2 days (and San Antonio isn't that far) But it was a nice little break from my desk.
1)We had a great breakfast on day two, french toast, hash browns, eggs and bacon. If only I could eat beastly every morning I'd gain all that weight I want to!
2)So if you have never been to Tower basically it is a revolving restaurant in San Antonio that is 750ft in the air. At first I felt a little sick because you are 750ft in the air and the restaurant it spinning to give you a full view of SA. I got used to it once my food came and it was pretty good. I had coconut shrimp.
3)(Bottom left) My favorite socks are these comic socks from Forever21. Drinking some Andy Warhol Perrier and reading cosmo on my nexus. SO much drama with my room but it ended with a free room upgrade to a suite.
4) That is the tower(or most of it)
5) Even though I was gone I still went to the hotel gym to get my workout on. The lighting made my legs look good so I just had to get a swelfie in. On day two BEFORE the gym I took 17,107 steps. THAT'S CRAY. (on an average day I may do around 6-7,000.)

SO yes there was a lot of real work in between we did some co-shopping and critiqued the store a bit. I have a lot of notes that need to be followed up on AND I'm working on some projects based on what I learned. It was fun and I hope I get to visit all of my concepts (which isn't hard I've been to 3/4).


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