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Nov 30, 2013

November Wrapup, Already?

So what other random things have gone on this month?
Hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Looking back its been so busy and flew by. I'm like, refusing to believe its already December.

So this month I hit the gym a ton, I've been trying to gain 10-15lbs. HAAYY.

I went to francessca's awesome blogger's night out.
Spoke to the University of Houston in a panel of lovely other bloggers about blogging and careers in Houston.
Of course, HOUSTON FASHION WEEK happened
Spent time in Galveston for work. Gtown didn't look as nasty as it normally does.
Keeping up with my gym life, even my blender bottle is pink! Mainly use it to mix chocolate protein, but I will buy vanilla protein next to make drinks that are more fun. I might start blogging about fitness more... not sure.
Also went to two rockets games! Saw us beat the Toronto Raptors and DESTROY the Brooklyn nets. Man I love basketball season!

In other-other news, yesterday My car got hit by a DUI driver who not only didn't have a insurance, did not have a license, and was not even a legal immigrant.  CRAY. Long story short my car is fine, it has a few scratches but F it. ITS A THING. (rather expensive thing) BUT A THING NONE THE LESS. Touched the shit up and kept it moving. I'm fine, my car is fine, and that guy is getting deported. 
CRAY out there on these skreets.

Oh December, what will you bring? Right, ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH.


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GirlsAreDolls said...

Haayyy! Good luck on the gaining!
I know that can be tough :)

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