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Dec 12, 2013

Violet VoxBox!

I got my Violet voxbox in the mail. Its like influenster knows me so well. This box had three items:
1)Soy Joy bar in cherry:
I didn't like it. the texture was really weird. Apparently after I saw a tweet about microwaving them, I wish I tried that. I like soy usually but this was not for me.
2)Goody Athletique ouchless headband:
Cute at the gym or for random facials. Its a little thicker than I normally like BUT is great for the cold winter months.
3)Goody Quikstyle brush:
The most interesting (to me) out of all these items is a brush meant for detangling wet hair. It has crazy pads in it to catch water to help your hair dry a little faster. I liked the concept and was worried about what it would smell like because that is just weird. HOWEVER--the brush is made with anti microbial properties so storing it in a ventilated place and blasting it with a dryer is enough to keep it refreshed. You can wash it as well with water and shampoo. Interesting little brush, I think its awesome.


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