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Jan 27, 2014


I attended Artopia last year and it was great, so it was awesome going again this year with Miss Shasie from Live Life in Style. Held at Winter Street studios, the two level venue and art crowd attributed to a fun filled night of good vibes and great inspiration.  The art was crazy awesome, the vibe was great, and we even ended with a fashion show by Chloe Dao. 

After entering the lower level we were met by DJ Dave Wrangler and live painting by Micah Simmons and Andrew Chapa. these guys were awesome.
If you follow me on IG or Twitter I could not stop raving about Reece Carnley. This art is made with REAL BLOOD. Yes. Real blood. The table is breathtaking in person and I'm not going to lie, I really thought about buying it. I think my interest is never seeing blood as a medium before. Absolutely the most beautiful piece at Winter Street this year.

The Joan Bohn installation was also pretty cool, he had his space visible so we could see the chaos before this creation. He's also been featured quite a bit. Pretty cool to see him, his art, and his space all together.
The only really important thing about this picture is the fact that Brio has the best food ever. Their sample of pasta and tomato with balsamic and fresh mozzarella gave me so much life. Other food vendors included The Counter, The Bird and the Bear (they have the best cookies), Whole Foods, and Harvest Organic. This event was also sponsored by Red bull, Captian Morgan white rum and Stella Artois. Free drinks all night and they even have a shot block. Who says artists have no fun?
Chloe Dao showed looks from her spring collection and the prints and shapes were so cute. Lots of crop tops! Its so hard to think of spring when its freezing. I mean, we live in Texas is not acceptable!
Artopia was great. Also met up with dudes from Kroo-Luhv. We're hoping to work together in the future, so stay tuned! Their movement is awesome. Houston better make room!
Thank you Houston Press!


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