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Apr 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Fash-Flash

Happy Easter Y'all!
Its Easter, NBA Playoffs have begun, AND Coachella week two.
We all know I am super excited for NBA Playoffs because the post season is just so much fun. I love the Clippers, Rockets , Heat--by default. Who knows who will take it this year but I think it will be interesting to watch. Clipper/Golden state is the only first round series really worth watching, its going to be a really good 7 game one. You can already tell. But enough basketball talk. Can we talk about how awesome the coachella festival fashion has been?
Kendal and I have the same ray bans, did I inadvertently buy the IT sunglass of the season?


misselisak said...

I love all the fashion I have seen. I gotta make it to Coachella one day ;) Hope all is well!

MalibuMara said...

I love it too, Selena is so pretty! But Paris Hilton's dress is my favorite

MalibuMara said...

Let's go!

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