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May 3, 2014

LV: Good Eats and other Foodie Musings

Cupcake ATM? Mini Gormet sliders? Clippers game and grass fed organic chicken strips? Just a few of the good eats from my vacation.
Strip Burger is yes, located on the strip. (http://stripburger.com/) They have classic burgers shakes, malts, cocktails. I just had a classic rootbeer and mini burger sampler. It gave me the change to try three little burgers, since trying one of everything would have been crazy. 
We have a sprinkles cupcakes here in Texas, but it does not have a cupcake ATM. It's basically a cupcake vending machine. Totes adorbs. This sprinkles also sells the ice cream, my friend Carla bought red velvet mix in a red velvet waffle cone. SOUNDS AMAZING. 
I suck because I can't remember the name of this place BUT the chicken strips were really good and we ate and watched the Clippers BEAT Golden State. I have never met a Golden State fan in my whole life and that place was FULL of them. I was wearing my Clippers shirt too LOL, but thank God we won... and I didn't die.
The only place I'm sad I didn't eat at was Serendipity BUT I heard it was overrated. 
Ahh well, won't be my last time visiting. 




J. said...

You make me need a vacation!

Interesting week for the Clippers though...

MalibuMara said...

Take one, and yesss it has been.

Ms. King said...

Yeah, seems like a very fun vacation. Chicken strips look good, im thinking of trying a hand breaded recipe for chicken strips hope they turn out well. Glad you enjoyed your vacation :)

Panty Buns said...

I've been loving all the photos of Las Vegas. I've never been there. And I really love those tiered scalloped lacy shorts. What a great outfit piece! I did a quadruple -take on that first photo, trying to figure out if that was actually a giant Polaroid photo or how it can look so much like one - Is it glass in a big Polaroid frame? Love it. The cupcake ATM looks good. I did a new huge post again already but I did put your link in the text (the post is so big I put a table of contents on it). At least it has photos and a cringe worthy lingerie outfit video with bloopers.


MalibuMara said...

Thank you doll ;)there isva poloroid store at the quad and in front of it is a giant poloraoid you can take a photo with. There is no glass but its a giant frame. It was a really cool place!

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