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Jul 29, 2014


Who wouldn't love this balcony view?
So I might have to change my name to SanDiegoMara because I am in love with the weather and how
awesome the atmosphere was. Our hotel room was basically better than my apartment and overlooked a marina. If you ever go to San Diego the Humphrey's Half Moon inn and Suites is the best place to stay. Granted I may just be in love with our room that over looked a marina... I hope to go back next year and stay there!  Again-- the weather was amazing and I was not in a hurry to get back to Houston, Texas.

 Almost a 60,000 steps were taken to explore the mecca of Comics, Video games, movies and TV shows. Everything from Tokidoki, The Walking Dead, Bates Motel, Avengers,  Xbox live, Bandai, Hello Kitty, American Horror Story... ok this list could go on forever.
Basically walking the exhibit hall was awesome, I got a poster signed by the entire cast of Sharknado 2. I LOVE SYFY MOVIES, so I kind of got it as a joke. Side note--Tara Reid is such a troll she didn't even acknowledge me when she signed my poster and was on the phone... She like scribbled Taskdjakjsasodk and scooted it on over to Vivica Fox. Sharknado 2 premieres on Wednesday July 30th, I'll be live tweeting it.
Check out photos (LOTS OF THEM) from my experience. I didn't photograph EVERYTHING because it was ALOT annnd I was living life in real time, not through a lens. 

Outdoors I ran into the cool Gymnast girl from American Ninja Warrior and the little chubby kid from Modern Family. LOL. Terminus was also set up from The Walking Dead as part of a BBQ they hosted with 200 lucky ass fans.
Did we mention that we're huge walking dead fans? No. Ok well we are.
Pet Co Park also hosted some craziness. Comic Con is like going to Disney World but for Nerdy adults.
Less Talk, More Action (Figures) I caved and bought some from TokiDoki. Their Booth was so cute, it's not pictured but I did snap a pic for Instagram.
HELLO KITTY CENTRAL. The freaking lady who DRAWS HELLO KITTY was there, Isn't she cute? I wish I got an autograph :( The one thing I'm sad I missed. I bought a Street Fighter edition Hello Kitty. RYU, my favorite character. 150 lbs, 5'10'' and STILL handing out fades!
Obligatory Star Wars post. In fashion news, they did a collaboration with Vans so that was an interesting display. They were also playing Star Wars (don't ask me which one).
We all know I'm a Star Trek fan so I will move on.
The last thing we ventured to was the Xbox lounge hidden away outside of the convention center. They had tons of games for demo play INCLUDING Madden 15. 
Over all Comic Con was an awesome experience. The only thing we have yet to conquer is venturing into Hall H or Ballroom 20. If you watch TV and they mention Comic Con they are probably discussing a panel. Panels are held in Hall H or Ballroom 20 and if you want to go, be sure to skip a dope hotel and camp out at night. Long story short the rule is once you're in one of those rooms you don't have a leave... So if you get there first you're guaranteed a spot. Hall H for example can hold 6,500 people.... almost 100K walk through Comic Con. When you think of it that way it's not fair but I guess there isn't a better way to do it. Some people were walking into lines at around 6:30 and still getting wristbands for Hall H so we won't be noobs! We might make an awesome panel. The Walking Dead looked really awesome and the trailer for the next season is TO DIE FOR. 



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