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Aug 22, 2014


You aren't ready for my next photoshoot. I'm just letting you know right now.  Pictured above by basically my resident photographer Aaron from KB Photography, we are working on something CRAY. Sparklers? Smoke bombs? Steel wool? This weekend will go down in blog history. Stay Tuned. My hard relaunch will be something serious.



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Panty Buns said...

I was wondering whether you might be thinking of having your your next post feature slow shutter speed photographs of home-made pyrotechnics/sparkly flames on a wire-whip swung on a leash. Maybe while wearing a cat-woman suit? Just guessing. I hope you'll be careful if you are. I know steel wool can burn. I'll be looking forward to seeing your blog hard relaunch post sometime after your weekend. I hope it all goes beautifully.


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