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Sep 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: Hilary Duff/ Lizzie McGuire

Late night wormholing might have lead me into a spiral of Hilary Duff nostalgia .... long story short, Lizzie McGuire will forever be relevant.What are kids even watching now that Lizzie, Even Stevens and That's so Raven are no longer on the air?
 Is 90's fashion cool again? I totally remember this episode (the picture day one below) where Miranda and Kate wore the same outfit.I found it from Delias and ordered it, I was like 12.
You know that place still exists?



In other news, Hilary Duff has a new song and it's actually really catchy. It's called "All about You" and she looks grown up without trying too hard. Prayers answered. She even shows off a few dance moves. "Dance moves." Because we all know girl does not have rhythm. Still love her though!

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Panty Buns said...

You made me smile! That GIF is great. I missed out on watching Hilary Duff/Lizzie McGuire. I might not have had television at that time (I'm not sure when it was). It looks like it was fun to watch.
I've gotten so old so fast that all the fashions I grew up with are retro and cool again.
You're right - both that Hillary Duff's song is catchy and that she's not the world best dancer (she can't twerk for beans) but I enjoyed watching the music video anyway - in fact I just watched it twice.


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