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Sep 20, 2014


I attended Carrie Ann's Relaunch and everything looked amazing. Final details were added to the store and very many people attended! If you didn't read the interview I had with Carrie Ann prior to the launch read it here.
Pictured with Dom, Roble and Carrie Ann!
There were ALOT of people there but the place never felt crowded. The way the store layout is configured still made it very easy to shop and mingle at the same time. The fragrance was on display and we even chatted with Roble on the process behind it. How awesome were his shoes from Modern Vice? They even said "Clique" which happens to be the name of his perfume.

If you get a chance to stop by Uptown Park be sure to shop Carrie Ann!

Social Diary collage below, I ran into so many other bloggers and friends that I don't see often, ENOJY:



Amanda said...

I love what you are wearing =)

Panty Buns said...

I like the print, design and swingy look of the dress Carrie Ann is wearing in these photos and your outfit as well. It looks like a fun time being at the relaunch at Highland Village with other bloggers and friends.


Unknown said...

Great Recap Mara!


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