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Nov 5, 2014


Finally, I took a short venture into Tout Suite. Its a really cute place but not the spot for tapioca tea at all. I like my boba sweet. If you follow me on twitter you know this girl is obsessed with her boba/tea. I need to go back and try a plate but I was in and out with a friend to help her out with her photoshoot. Tout suite however does have really great macarons BUT DUH its from the owners of SWEET. I first tried SWEET about 3 years ago when I was in college and had never had macarons before. It was love at first bite. The pick of the day was Creme Brule' flavored (which happens to be my favorite dessert.) This is why I try to refrain from food posts. My inner fatty just wants to be heard.

Dripped Nails has been featured before and probably will continue to be for a while. I helped play model for a fun shoot for them and can't wait to share the photos with you! Once again, yes these are my natural nails so I love that they know how to shape them and just do really fun nail art with them. Stay tuned! They're going to be another great corner of Houston when they open.

I actually had a pretty long weekend and went to my college alumni's Battle of the Piney woods as well. Such is tradition, we won of course 48-24 :)

AND IN OTHER REALLY COOL NEWS, I was nominated best Lifestyle blogger in Houston. I doubt I'll win but I'm blessed to be in such great company on the ballot.
It would mean alot to me if you took time to vote : VOTE HERE :)




J. said...

Voted! Congrats!
Love your nails, I wish my weren't so darn flimsy...

Malibu Mara said...

Awww thank you girlie! And I dont do anything special, I have hard long nails my whole life lol.

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