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Jan 4, 2015


I have been so spoiled and off work off and on for 2 weeks, going back to the schedule and routine is something my body is not ready for. No more rolling over at 6:00 and being leisurely.
So what have I not really blogged about:
1./2. ) Company Christmas party. Creme Brule is my best friend. I also got a shot inside a money machine and walked away with $98. There weren't many big bills in the machine but I walked away pretty nice!
3) Nails did by the ladies at dripped nails! I love these glitter nails with floss gloss glitter polish. Simple but perfect to ring in the new year!
4)Meelo the Shiba Inu. Soooo we're the new parents of a 3 month old shiba. He sleeps and is already house broken and is honestly the perfect cuddle pet. The only issue is I wear all black allll the time and Meelo is white -_- Jesus be a lint roller.
5)Go Rockets! To ring in the new year we went to the Rockets game, I ate so much steak LOL. Gotta love games in the suite.

I will basically hit the week running, tomorrow I have to get back on the grind for work and start with art development for spring 2016. I have also scheduled Aerial Yoga for after work so that will be really fun... I think.
Don't worry, I'll blog about it.
I also have barre scheduled for eaarrrllllyyy Wednesday morning.
I'm ready to get back on the grind.

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