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Feb 22, 2015


In true Texas fashion, in the same week you can go from 80 degree weather to less than 30 degree weather. This is one of those weeks and today is a 30 degree day. My closet is forever confused. All I can think about is S U M M E R. Over the weekend I purchased tickets to San Diego Comic Con, so California, we are coming for you!- Part 2.

Sunglass Hunting,,,

Ksubi retro glasses

Wildfox round glasses
$215 - thehut.com

CÉLINE square glasses

Balenciaga glasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Obviously I am in love with my aviators. All last summer I was all about my flash lens raybans in green. I wore them on literally every vacation I went on. The flash lenses that I had are becoming a new trend and more people are getting them so I want to try something new this year.
Besides aviators the Lucite lens is another favorite. It's just hard to find one that doesn't look cheap!
Le sigh.
I'll keep you posted on what I find!

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Panty Buns said...

I love aviators too. My reading glasses are aviators, but I don't have any sunnies at the moment. Those Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses from stylebop.com look attractive.
Those temperature swings where you live are crazy - but it sounds better that the brutally frigid temperatures ice and snow we've had on Long Island, New York. It may get down as low as zero degrees fahrenheit here tonight - yikes! Your San Diego Comic Con Part 2 should be fun to read about here on your blog.


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