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Mar 10, 2015

HOUSTON RODEO | Fall Out Boy and Fried Oreos (MINI PHOTOLOG)

I can't believe that it rained basically 48 hours straight over the past weekend. The one time my bestie and I decide to go to the rodeo it just had to rain cats and dogs. My outfit was complete with a wide brim hat, and a trench coat. Since it was pouring I didn't enjoy any of the carnival fun, but the rain did not stop us from getting FRIED OREOS! Since they're served in a brown bag I couldn't snap a foodie picture in the rain. THE BAG MELTED! And I only ate 2, but they were the best decision made at the rodeo.
The fried booth even had fried red velvet, cookie dough, milky way, and pecan pie.
Inside the rodeo was a blast even though I had awful phone signal the whole time. Fall Out Boy put on quite a show. I felt like a high school kid all over again!
Of course you can't end this kind of night without some crawfish. With all the rain I hope my next batch of these are huge!

Side note, I think I'm finally settled! We're all moved in and ready to get back into the blogging groove! I'll be at the Boyert Gun Range tomorrow and in Austin this weekend! Hey SXSW and Kick Roll!



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