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Apr 22, 2015

Lilly for Target | Sandals

Do people know that you can by actual Lilly Pulitzer for cheaper than all the Lilly for Target resellers? I really think Target doesn't understand how to do this collaborations. One like Lily should have come with a limit. It's really not fair, to someone like me, that wanted to shop the collection and buy a piece that I can add to my personal collection. Instead I arrived to empty racks and 2 white women pushing around 2 VERY FULL baskets each stuffed with full size runs of clothing, accessories and homeware.

In the store one of them picked up a scarf and said "Will they like this? Do you think they will buy this?"

Yes bitch, thats why I woke my black ass up at 8 am and drove 10 miles here.

The only things left were a few XL a L apparel items, iphone 6 phone cases, a few hats, and most of the outdoor collection. I was decided between a hat, these sandals and a beach towel.

Welp, meet my Lilly Pulitzer pineapple summer sandals! I honestly didn't need anything crazy sooo it might be better if I buy it when these "resellers" try to return it all!



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