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May 26, 2015

Houston Rain, continued.

So I should be at work but instead I turned on the news (like I do every morning) and was greeted by this:
Oh HAI ! Houston is just underwater today. Some of the flooding actually went down so I am going to make it in to work for a half day (UGH) but I have sooo much to do, I would rather get a little bit done.

Last night this is what the forecast looked like! The rain was relentless. I was watching the Rockets play Golden State on TV and the lightening coming through the window made for a creepy night.
The thunder was super loud and a random firetruck swept through the street. I knew it was going to be a crazy morning but nothing like this!

 So after seeing the above transtar shot I folded back over and went to sleep. So did our puppy Meelo. I think he's happy he has been roaming free all day for the past 3 days now :)

So cheers to making it in today. Still haven't bought my raincoat and rain boots... so you can blame this one on me.

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