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May 12, 2015

SHOESDAY | Melody Ehsani Ventilators

If I could put elements together to design my own shoe, they would probably look like this.
HELLO? EYES?! REALLY! SNAKE SKIN? She even left an inspirational note on the inside of the shoes. The details are amazing. They are also my first pair of Reeboks in a VERY long time. They come with 3 pairs of laces, so I have the option of snake print, black or neon yellow.
Purchase them here! If they're still available.
The note on Melody's website says:
"I designed these particular shoes inspired by the idea of seamless time. It seems as though it is a trend that we are running ourselves into the ground, buying one thing just to acquire it and be onto the next. Seemingly because we feel like the world is ending. Im hoping that these shoes inspire you with a sense of time. You have time to awaken no matter where you are or what you're up to. Time to love, time to fulfill your dreams, time to make amends, time to move forward. The time is now. Make love your compass and it will give you the information you need to move forward.  Ladies you are society's greatest resource. Stand tall in your light, and don't compromise. We need you. Special thanks my dear friend Julie Walker for my inspiration."

Another fun fact, Melody Ehsani was one of my first Major interviews. She was so sweet and inspirational when I started blogging and to buy one of her shoes today is really awesome. You can read the interview from 2010 here. 
Love & Light

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