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May 17, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up | Construction Begins

Happy Sunday, it's time for a small weekend wrap-up:

I posted earlier on the Calvin Klein Curator collection that I viewed at Taylor & Taylor Designs.

I randomly got featured on Nylon Magazines Instagram. I got a notification that they took a photo of me and when I clicked it, there I was. Its weird that they basically stole my photo but thats just a true test of the Instagram privacy policy. Its cool for the random exposure!

I went to the Bevello opening in Rice Village. Honestly I was a little disappointed but the service with it being a new store and I was basically the only person there that wasn't working or a part of the Braid Bar. I grabbed a brownie and was confused because I thought more bloggers would be there. The event started at around 5 but I arrived around 6:40 due to getting off work at 6 and traffic being awful. The store is cute but the offerings are the same as our fashion stores at our Golden Nuggets (If you didn't know I work in apparel buying for them) LOL. Its cute, I appreciated the invite. The braid bar people get major claps and snaps for giving me a cute side braid even though my hair was way too poofy for public viewing.

Its been raining in Houston for like 30 days straight. I honestly can't remember the last time I washed my car. So the area where I grew up and where my parents live totes flooded, totaled my dad car... crazy. I didn't think it was raining that bad but it has been consistent and the construction has messed up the roads so bad... it has not been fun. Maybe I should hurry and start my herb garden!

The work week ended with Pitch Perfect! There is a cute shopping center called Vintage Park that is nestled in the wood that I never new about. Its only about 10 miles from my house so I am thinking about visiting next weekend! I only stopped by Alamo Draft House, which was awesome, and pitch perfect was pretty funny.


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