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May 31, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Short Rainy Week

I still don't get how it flooded like it did here in Houston! The day the rain started I actually headed out to the awful first Colony Mall to see Nigel Barker. Seeing Nigel Barker talk about his book was amazing. He's incredibly inspiring and has such a fun personality. He even taught us how to take a proper selfie!
I find it funny even though I RSVPd they "ran out" of press copies of the book so I couldn't get one or meet Nigel.  I was pretty annoyed but I'm going to let it go.
Im so obsessed with cultural fashions, these girls looked amazing.

I should post the video of Nigel teaching us how to look good in a photo! Imagine chocolate in your mouth. BOOM. You're welcome.
You should still pick up the book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon, support him. He's awesome. Macy's First Colony, not so much. 
That whole day actually sucked.
That morning, I was also dragging because I learned a dear friend from High School had passed away. I spent the morning crying because I admired his carefree spirit and sassy attitude. I also interviewed him back when he was an aspiring model. Now as an agent, he was ready to take over. In between this, he was a flight attendant. That lets you know how free spirited he was. It still makes me sad to think that he's not here anymore. We came from a town where dreaming big is farfetched. Being close to NASA everyone is into engineering and Medical fields. If you venture out of that, like we did, it was kind of like "that's cute but not stable." It might not be, but at the end of the day, life is obviously short. It kind of made me realize all of the changes I keep putting off I can't.  

We've done a lot of growing. 
I still have a lot of growing up to do. 
Rest in Paradise, Amondre. 



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