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Jul 6, 2015

3 things I can't wait to experience at San Diego Comic Con

It's that time of year again! Last year was my first time going to San Diego to experience the amazingness that  Comic Con. So no, I'm not a comic nerd. BUT I do love TV/ Movies, so seeing The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Bates Motel, and more in person is so awesome to me. There is so much to do and see, this list could really be never ending.
To spare you, these are 3 things I can't wait to see/do at San Diego Comic Con.
This photo speaks for itself. The Hello Kitty Cafe food truck will be in attendance and I die at every photo I see of the food. Even the bottled water is totes adorbs. I have to buy a sheet of macarons! well, one of everything.

Photo from San Diego Sights wordpress blog.
We have Conan Tickets for Friday and Saturday! Friday will be featuring the Game of Thrones cast and more importantly, THE CAST OF THE WALKING DEAD!
Saturday is under wraps and will be a complete surprise, my guess is the cast of either Antman or Batman Vs. Superman. You have to stay tuned to see who it ended up being! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, twitter and snapchat (Im Malibumara everywhere) for real time updates!

 I think we already understand the obsession I have with a show that hasn't even premiered yet. Sunday Scream Queens and American Horror Story will be having a joint panel! On top of that Fox Fan Fare will have a Scream Queens Ride as well as KKN Sorors members handing out Ice Cream! I might end up beating one up for the KKN Shirt. I NEED ONE!
If you're Interested: 


Where: Petco Interactive Zone
When: Thursday, July 9 - Sunday, July 12
Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Daily


Where: Downtown San Diego
When: Thursday, July 9 - Sunday, July 12
Hours: Thursday - 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Friday - Noon - 8:00 PM
Saturday - Noon - 11:00 PM
Sunday - Noon - 4:00 PM

I'm ready for you.



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