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Jul 13, 2015

FOOD BREAK: HEB Summer Primo Picks

BRB Joining the Taco Revolution.
HEB had their new selection of primo picks out and they were sweet enough to send  few to me! This isn't really a big deal because this is the only place I get groceries and I have already tried a few of these things already. my top two recomendations:
1)MIXLA Corn& Flour Tortillas. Kyle likes flour, I like corn... this is the best compromise. Be sure to keep an eye on pinterest, I will be sharing my Salsa recipe that I put on everything. Literally.
2)Red quinoa & Flaxseed chips + That green sauce salsa. I think I mentioned That Green sauce last year... because I was obsessed with it for a while. HEB went ahead and enabled that obsession again by sending me another jar.
Also pictured, my little garden I planted yielded a tomato and jalepeno.
HEB has some easy Taco recipes to try here.

Do you like sweets? This sounds like a weird mix... BUT ITS AMAZING. I couldn't finish taking photos because I was eating them. I started with the broken ones!

HEB has a cream filled cookie called Twisters and these are Cherry Limeade flavored. I also washed this all down with a watermelon slice flavored pure cane soda! I am obsessed with HEB rootbeer, so this wasn't bad. I also love Mexican bottled sodas, so this is perfect for the whole Tex-Mex themed summer. It's also summer exclusive, so try it while you can :)

Have you tried any of the HEB primo picks?  Check out what else you can find in store and recipe ideas HERE.
Lets swap recipes!


* These items were given to me for review and I was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own so back up off me. Please be supportive of all sponsors and affiliates, without them this blog is not possible :)

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