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Sep 10, 2015

5 Shows I am Looking Forward to This Fall

I might be a TV addict, I mean hello-- have you seen me at San Diego Comic Con? I am pretty obsessed with a few of these so don't plan events on the nights these come on. Don't forget to follow me on TWITTER because I live tweet and love watching TV with you guys. I hate how early it gets dark, but its fun to curl up and get addicted to fall shows.

SO what will you want to watch with me this fall?

I have covered Scream Queens a couple times. The writers of Glee and AHS have come together to film this series and as you can tell by this promo, it is a pretty star studded cast. I really hope this show doesn't disappoint, but I don't think it will. 

I'm not sure how the Empire cast keeps showing up at real awards shows in character, but I'm here for it. I am here for Lucious Lion. 
Besides having a crush on Wes, the nerdy star of the show; and his annoying girlfriend dying the the finale (spoiler alert) I am ready to see who killed her and how the Murder of Mrs. Keating's husband will keep unfolding. I think season one was very well written and Viola Davis is queen.
You know the drill. TWD is too amazing to not add to your fall lineup.
I had the pleasure of touring the AHS Hotel during comic con. I also am a long time Lady Gaga stan so this season of AHS is a must see.  Ryan Murphy says he got the musical numbers out of his system with last season (circus) but WHAT!? I need at least one. The ones last season were kind of wack.


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