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Sep 20, 2015

Vegas: Souvenir Slow

Souvenir show, or souvenir slow?
I was away in Vegas all week for a work trip. In 4 days I maybe at 3 times, my body was not able to process food during the day. Talk about crazy. I did get to enjoy "O" the Cirque De Soleil show and i think this is the start of me needing to see all of them.  As sick as I felt at least I made it through the Souvenir show completely and made all of our appointments.
Now I'm home and just trying to adjust. I kind of want to venture away again, I guess it's cool I leave for Orlando in a few weeks. Hopefully this time I will be able to eat! Do you know how much food I missed out on?
Le sigh. Lets hope this week goes well, I am dreading all of the emails I need to answer!


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