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Oct 18, 2015


This past week I went to Skyhouse River Oaks for a Tidbits Front Row event. I'm sure I stuffed my face with mini burgers while over looking the Houston Galleria area. I work about .4 miles from SkyHouse and could see the office from the rooftop pool. The view is amazing! If I wasn't used to having a ton of space I would totally consider moving into a studio... It starts at 1400, if you are about that life.

I'm obsessed with Nicole's purse, she is always so fabulous. I love running into her at events, she looks like a Rockstar.

600 sq. feet doesn't look small when you have floor to ceiling views of uptown. The kitchen is also upgraded to all stainless steel, and the stand up shower is white marble. The closet space is also pretty small, so minimalist style if you feel like moving in.
The more I talk about it, the more I want to move....

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