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Jan 4, 2016

A | Aerial Yoga Houston

One of the most unique things in this city is the variety of yoga classes. There are so many studios in the city but the Aerial Yoga Houston studio on Summer Street is one place that I love to go to. Aerial Yoga is great for strengthening your core, stretching muscles, and relaxing.

Hanging upside down is not only pretty but inversions are known to reduce stress which is something I know I need to work on! Its really fun, if you do normal yoga some positions are a little easier or more of a stretch in the air. I definitely recommend it if you are trying new things this year. Conquer your fears!
Below is a fun trend board of activewear I have my eye on. I know with the new year people are looking for ways to get fit. Thats at least a great excuse to get new clothes! I have the superdry duffel bag below... IM OBSESSED WITH IT.
Aerial Yoga Set

Try something new in Houston this year!

Love, Mara

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