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Jan 9, 2016

HOUSTON A-Z | F is for Festivals

Houston is home to many festivals but yearly Free Press Summer Fest has been my go to. This past year they added another art infused experience based component Day for Night Fest. Music festivals are one of my favorite things, and these two are easy for me to recommend if you have dreams of trying to make it out to a larger one someday.
Bonus points if you know my olllllld Youtube channel and you watched the FPSF Vlog. I should do more of those... I just hate editing.
Free press is in the serious Texas heat season of Summer. Nestled in between Governor's Ball and Coachella, typically the names aren't as huge-- However, it is pretty fun regardless. I've seen Calvin Harris, Zedd, R.Kelly, Lauren Hill, Childish Gambino.... the list is forever long.

Free Press Houston added a new experience called Day for Night. The weather was soooo perfect, I hope next year's lineup is just as great. Kendrick Lamar was awesome. It might be my new go to because dancing in 105 degree weather is not my favorite!
I normally do my festival posts with outfit inspiration. For Fall or Summer, I am obsessed with Love& Lemons.

Love & Lemons

This isn't Houston related but it looks like Coachella and Governors ball set lists are out, are you planning out which festivals to hit up this summer?
Love, Mara

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