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Feb 28, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a whirlwind week. I spent a large chunk of the work week down south on the coast of Galveston for a work conference. Between breakout sessions, 80's night, awards dinner, and lots of information I was EXHAUSTED. That didn't count rounding out the week with my favorite makeup event of the year-- Clarins spring preview, Carrie Ann's anniversary party with Chef Roble, The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo cook off,  and the Hello Kitty Cafe truck... PHEW.

1) & 5) 80's night swag on the Pier. Bumper cars are like my favorite thing on earth. For 80's swag I went for My Adidas and a windbreaker. I was told I just looked like I was going to workout -_-

2) Loves my Dripped Nails for the week. My nails were marbled with a Hello Kitty OPI- "lets be friends" base. "Let's be friends" is a light pink color. Im still obsessed. I used to hate little studs and rhinestones but I am slowly starting to like them on my nails.

3) Oh this Gold Bentley. This was my sparkly dress for the awards Dinner, paired with a Blazer cape (my favorite formal coverup). The dress was a SCORE from Francessca's for only $14.

4) Chef Roble was at Carrie Ann's Anniversary party and even cooked some Rodeo Cook-off inspired foods. Everything was pretty good. Good Vibes all around, more on this coming during the week!

6) Clarins had their spring preview and again I am obsessed with everything. The products I am holding are a day and night cream that are perfect for a girl like me on the go. As a millennial it's just our nature to be on the run doing multiple things at once putting out bodies under stress, etc. At 26 I need to be conscious of getting into a skin care routine to keep them wrinkles away!  Stay Tuned, I'm obsessed.

7)The Hello Kitty cafe made its way to Texas and I was Lucky enough to grab a few goodies including this adorable Mug! More about the HKC this week! I'm so lucky to have gone in San Deigo and here in Texas.

8) Yesterday I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Cookoff. I've actually never been but my friend Mandy had extra tickets to the UH Cougar Cookers tent. What a way to kick off the Houston Rodeo! I don't think I will go to any of the concerts but you never know, Pitbull is the only person I would probably go to. I guess we will have to stay tuned on that one.


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