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Mar 12, 2016


If you haven't, please read my drive experience from the Sunny Imperial Beach. Drive shop gave me the opportunity to drive it around Houston. I think with all of my test drives it rains the whole time. This was no exception. At least the weekend was a perfect day to explore the city,  grab some coffee and check out some street art. After driving through twisty mountains, why not visit the concrete jungle?
The Hyundai Elantra navigation was super quick to pull up any destination and even shows traffic. On my way to work I got super annoyed with how red all of Houston is, not to mention the rain causing delays. One feature that I used a lot more here in Houston was the lane assist. Its pretty loud but I love that because I actually hear it over my music. The new Elantra is equipped with Infinity speakers. I LIVE by Spotify so the quality of it streaming was way better than what I am used to. 
Apple play is also one of the cool features of this car. The new Elantra actually has both Android Auto and Apple play. It hooks up very quickly and the interface is very user friendly. I also like how responsive the voice commands are. The Elantra can read your messages to you, and you can speak a reply back!
The Elantra can even auto start with an Apple watch or Android wear. If you are in the market for a small car, this isn't a bad option. At 110 cubic feet of cargo space its larger than a Mazda 3 or Ford Focus but not as big as a Corolla. 

For a little bit more depth or other information check out my Drive experience with Hyundai in Imperial Beach.   Its been a fun week test driving in the concrete jungle!


This post was sponsored by Hyundai USA and DriveShopUSA. The vehicle was driven for testing and evaluation purposes over a period of time. Thank you for your support in supporting my sponsors! Without them this blog is not possible :) As usual, all opinions are my own.

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