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Mar 17, 2016


Can we acknowledge the fact that I met Skylar Diggins yesterday and she remembered me?
I was able to hear Skylar and a few other ladies talk about spring trends at the Neiman Marcus #OnTheCUSP event. She was just signed to the Dallas Wings so the next time I'm in Dallas during the season I have to see them play. You might recognize her from her 2014 breakout year and the NBA All-Star game where she scored 27 points. She actually tore her ACL last year but I know you see her standing next to me talking about how she stays in shape and lives her life. Girl is out here!
So what makes a girl boss to me? Someone who is inspiring and uplifting while being one of the best in their field. I thanked Skylar for bringing some diversity to the #OnTheCUSP panel because I felt like I had someone to relate to. I attend a lot of panels not only as a blogger but in my line of work as a buyer. A lot of the time, decisions are based on such a small scope with little diversity so this is a breath of fresh air!

Skylar notes Zendaya as her current style icon and says a Leather Jacket is her perfect classic. I agree! My Black and Nude leather jackets are timeless.
I've been going through a little bit of a rough patch so this following quote is something I tend to forget. BRB adding it to my mood board.

Skylar Diggins is a girl boss. 


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