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Apr 18, 2016


Always stay humble ya'll. If you know anything about anything you too went to Topshop or Nordstrom to score Beyonce's new athleisure line "IVY PARK." I got the opportunity to shop before it was open to the public which worked perfect. It opened at 8am and I had to slide into work at 9am. I made it with time to spare and picked up 3 pieces from the line (trust me I wanted basically everything) . Besides the 2 pictured here I also grabbed a gray tank.
Athleisure + Junkfood? My vice. I know this summer to achieve my body goals I can't eat this bad. I got my ass back in the gym yesterday and I am super sore. I have been working way too much lately and I really need to step back and balance my life back into the mix. The last thing I need is for my personal health to slip. In an effort to make more time for life I am going to get back into the groove of Time Management and prepacking lunches/ breakfast so I'm not tempted to snack all morning/afternoon because I am picky with my first two meals. 
When I wake up I'm never hungry. I try to pack something so that when I get to the office I'll eat something. When I have a really good week I'll pack toast, sliced egg, and sliced avocado for breakfast. On a bad week I'll make oatmeal and drink tea. 
For lunch if I don't bring something I'll get whatever gross thing is in the cafe. Very few days have a good menu, sometimes I'll walk across to Uptown Park, but my options are My Fit Foods and Starbucks. I'm not sure how this happens but every time I get My Fit... I also grab a Crave cupcake, which is next door. HOW RUDE! 
I am hoping this Ivy Park gives me some motivation to get more active. 

I have some body goals to accomplish! Summer body.... why can't I just order you on ebay?! 



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