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May 15, 2016


Can we acknowledge the weather is supposed to be this all week?
Will it ever be sunny in the H consistently? I thought the moment that I purchased a rain jacket it would never rain again? Its good that I bought a raincoat, I sure have been using it lately!
 The only thing I hate more than rain is when I have to leave the house during rain. This applies mostly to peeling myself out of bed to go to work. When it rains I just want stay in bed, watch Maury, and make tea. Is that too much to ask? Below I have 5 rainy day steps that I wish I could partake in more often.
Rain Vibes

5 Steps to a perfect rainy day:
1) Put on some fuzzy socks and and binge watch tv shows that you missed out on. I love Maury but a Bates Motel marathon never hurts. 
2) Make a good tea while doing so. I love my Baetea Happy blend... more on that in another post later this week. Green teas are also fool proof. I have recently developed a looseleaf obsession. When did I become an ancient Chinese grandma? My tea collection is almost embarrassing.
3) Read a good book? I need to read Girl Boss, also any of Gary Vee's books are slowly being read on flights... but I'm nowhere near done. Rainy lazy days are perfect for catching up on some reading. 
4) Find a great recipe on Pinterest and experiment. I use the work experiment because there are times I try to make something on Pinterest and it is nothing like the photos. That could also be because I don't follow measurements because life is too short to accurately add a tablespoon of olive oil.
5) Nap. Ain't nothing wrong with a lazy day y'all. Put on a sheet mask to unwind then fall asleep in your fuzzy socks. 

What are your favorite ways to get through a rainy day?



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