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May 28, 2016


On Thursday I had the pleasure of being on a Panel for my friend David of FromNYtoTX. Along side David Rodriguez the head chef at one of my faves, Tout Suite; and Kalan Laws of Senor Guapo.
Photo by Imani
Don't we look great in our Kit and Ace? My top is available here. Deep Eddy Vodka poured the libations, and DJ Anarchy had a really chill playlist that helped set the vibes for the night. With a nice little turnout and great light bites, we discussed all things fashion, culture, travel, and lifestyle.
Photo by DJ Anarchy
Below in Kyle's vlog there is a small clip of us and the space. Kit and Ace is really dope for letting us do this in this space.
We start at around 1:15! Its a small clip.
I don't know what I'm telling Jessica but she looks concerned. Probably my work shenanigans. 
from the event here are a couple questions I wanted to feature here too:
Photo by K.Dot

Is being fashionable or trendy a negative statement you can put on someone?
-I think Fashionable is fine, calling someone trendy is kind of shady. I call people trendy when all they wear is what what is cool at the moment. If i don't see a personal spin I think its trendy.

In the last couple of years, Athleisure has been very popular, what are your thoughts behind it?
-I actually love it. I think its great to dress comfortable especially here in Houston. Its hot as hell give me some tech fabrics over anything. I think with society being as relaxed and casual as it is, athleisure isn't a surprising trend to me. Being as quick serve as we are, I can see how fashion has become a reflection of that.

Living in Houston, you all have seen the fashion grow. Do you like where the fashion scene in Houston is going and do you think that Houston can ever compete with larger fashion cities?
-I think the scene here is high fashion. Galleria and River Oaks district have the stores they do because that is what the buying power is spending money on. We are into labels but unfortunately the street style you find in Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and New York isn't what you see here. There are some groups in Houston that look dope and really have that satorialist look, but its still not accepted. People still look at you funny and call you weird for having a sense of individualism. I hope Houston gets there but that old Oil money isn't going to change.

Can you remember your first fashion item you purchased or can you tell us about a horrible outfit memory?
-This is embarrassing. In middle school I had a Uniform and the only way you could really individualize your look was by wearing cool shoes and accessories. I had a ton of crazy colored shoes and sneakers... most of them were questionable but the most regrettable pair were my pink KSWISS. Yes. I no longer have them, but man. I thought I was a so cool for not wearing adidas like everyone else. I bought like all puma, kangaroo, and Kswiss.
Photo by K.dot

I can't.
Thank you to everyone that came out and thank you David for this opportunity. 
Hope to see everyone's faces soon!


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