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Jun 26, 2016


the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Limited was hands down my favorite car to drive around the city so far. Of course in true Houston fashion it rained and was over 100degrees all in the same week, so I really got to try it out in all elements. Overall this car was a smooth drive, great on gas, and pretty fancy!
Complete with a panoramic sunroof that opens, 8in touch screen, heated and ventilated front seats, lane departure, and collision warning. It wasn't cold, but there is also a heated steering wheel option. This car is a step above in terms of blending sleek style and technology. I actually like it better than its cousin, the Kia Optima. 
185 horsepower, 2.4 cylinder, 4 cylinder engine. It takes off pretty fast, I'm honestly considering trading my car in for it. Another cool feature is the smart trunk. Once you walk up to the trunk it will beep 3 times then pop open. Perfect if your hands are full! If you don't want it to open just keep walking past the trunk and it will stop beeping. 
One of the coolest features was that this car was a hybrid. I averaged about 39mph the whole time. Battery stayed about half, but I'm sure I drove almost 300 miles on half a tank. Hyundai also has a lifetime battery warranty. 
Priced at $26K-$38K this car is a safe and reliable option for those who like options but value being stylish. My only complaint is that is doesn't come with a spare tire. I have replaced a tire 3 times, and had at least 4 nails in 3 years... That's just my luck. So having no spare is no bueno for me. 
You can learn more HERE at the HYUNDAI website. 

This post was sponsored by Hyundai USA and DriveShopUSA. The vehicle was driven for testing and evaluation purposes over a period of time. Thank you for supporting my sponsors! Without them this blog is not possible :) As usual, all opinions are my own.

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