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Jul 25, 2016


Another year, another Comic Con. This might be the third year we have gone, but the experience is always very different. I'll get into how much of struggle it was to get to San Diego in another post. You might have seen the crazy news reports on how ALL flights were grounded and the system comlpletely was offline, omg it was not the start that I wanted. BUT, it ended up rolling.
The Walking Dead: Negan's eenie meenie set. It looked so real and the trailer they premiered showed the bloody Lucille but didn't get us any closer to knowing who got their brains bashed in by Negan. If you read the comic you know it was Glenn that met his fate, I am thinking they will keep it the same, but who knows! TWD is a twisty show.
Thursday was the start of the wrath of con. After walking the entire floor day one totaled to 12.48 total miles! We hit up some of our favorite spots: Bait (where we purchased a few Exclusives), Figurats, MTV, FX, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network, AMC (walking dead), Bandai, Tokidoki... ok seriously thats just to name a few. The ground floor is huge. 

One major trend this year was nostalgia.  My childhood was the center of attention and I couldn't take it! Nickelodeon had a "Nickbox" (similar to a lootcrate) but it included a CYNTHIA DOLL! You guys, CYNTHIA?! I died, it sold out of course so I was not able to become an owner of one.  Other features were Legends of the Hidden Temple, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and Double Dare. Powerpuff girls also had a huge presence! It was so cute seeing their inflatables in the convention and out in the park.

Mission one besides the convention was making sure I got my hands on anything from the Star Trek Mac collection. Mac had a huge set across from Nerd HQ. Besides having a whole collection the set was interative and had the transporter. There was a fiasco with Southwest that I mentioned, at this point I went to MAC on my own while Kyle picked up the luggage the airport lost, so no photo of us in this transporter :( it was amazing though. I'll share Mac swatches this week as well. I DIED when I got my hands on the collection. 
After walking the floor we headed to the MTV Fandom awards. Every year at the con we haven't been but this year we made it a point to try something new and boy did it pay off! It was a great place to see celebs up close as well as have fun with a few concerts during the award show. It aired on Sunday and they cut out so much, it was cool to see what goes into making an awards show.
It was outdoors but once the sun went down I needed a cardigan. All week San Diego had NO clouds so we are currently 6 shades darker. 

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts presenting at the MTV Fandom Awards. Nerve comes out this week and I definitely need to go see it!

Day one was crazy packed full of fun! Stay tuned for our other adventures this week.


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