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Jul 9, 2016


I am a known tea freak. I started drinking tea when I started working in corporate after college. I don't like coffee so green or black tea became my morning pick me up. I never feel heart burn or sick after brewing a glass and it has been a better alternative in my opinion. So the process is simple and has always been the same, get hot water, add tea bag, steep however long, throw away tea bag and enjoy.
There are times I get pulled into a meeting or convo and my tea steeps too long making it bitter. Pique tea kind of revolutionizes that.
Pique tea is tea made of crystals. Coming in 5 flavors the consistency is like matcha they mix quickly and are perfect for a girl on the go. Forget about that annoying bag to throw away later, or leaving it in too long.
The tea freak in my is so excited by how simple this is. Tea has many benefits and this tea is picked from the top 5% of tea leaves of the world. This ensures that it is picked at peak freshness and antioxidant level.  My favorite so far is the Jasmine. Be sure to follow me on snapchat (@malibumara) for more about these!

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