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Aug 17, 2016


It's National Thrift Store day!

I helped my friend Bell from Totally Randie film an episode for It's National Day! Her series is so fun and I love seeing her take on difference national days throughout the year! Thrift day is today and if you ever scroll through my instagram, one secret is 80% of my clothes are actually from a thrift store. It's less expensive, you can still keep up with trends and its easy to find something different for events that no one else will have.

I have 3 thrifting tips for anyone who wants to try to go this weekend!
1: Go early! They replenish the store throughout the day, but sometimes the put good stuff out at night and it's out waiting for you when you get there. It's also less picked over so it makes it a better shopping experience when you can look without being too overwhelmed. 

2: Research on your phone. Sometimes if I don't know a brand I will google it really quick and see if what I am getting is a good deal. I have found some great labels like Scotch and Soda, as well as in season Lily Pulitzer before.

3:Take Note of Sales. A lot of my favorite thrift stores have sales each day of the week. Sometimes certain color tags are 50% off and sometimes any item on a particular day is 50 cents. Learning these days can help save extra money on some already great deals. 

Happy thrifting!


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