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Sep 24, 2016


The two types of junk food I am obsessed with are Kit Kats and Oreos. In America there are definitely a million flavors but overseas my favorite drink is a major flavor. Green tea Kit Kats are always a fun find in North America but when you find green tea Oreos you need to try them out! 
If you aren't a matcha fan go ahead and pass because the flavor is unmistakable. I also found chocolate oreos! I think we have the same ones in America but they were still good. The package is also very different, much smaller. It comes with two smaller individual wrapped sleeves on the inside. The Matcha oreos are more like a candy bar. They are kind of the same texture of a three musketeers but with oreo chunks inside. Its not bad, I have also tried the hazelnut flavor which is TO DIE FOR. 

There is also another bar called the UP bar featured in this post. It is not Oreo but for 50 cents was amazing. It tasted just like the chocolate Oreo but dipped in chocolate. Not pictured here are also the Matcha oreos that I have already eaten all of... They are super cute because the filling is matcha green! If only I could come across them more often.

Does this post reveal my love for junkfood or what? I've been going to asian grocery stores my whole life and never thought to share any of my favorite foreign finds so I think it will be fun to add every now and then here. 


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