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Sep 19, 2016


This past week has not only been a little whirlwind as far as fashion events but also personally. I swear I am trying to normalize my blogging schedule but there are a few things shaking it up! More on that soon, but until then, 3 of my favorite trends I've been seeing for fall are here! There are many more like chokers, bomber jackets, bell sleeves, bell bottoms etc. I am obsessed with Velvet, fun furs, and Camel!

Velvet is easy to infuse into fall in many ways! You can go all out with actual clothing or pick up a great accessory to help add texture and dimension to your look. You can even opt for a matte lip creme emulating a velvet look. Velvet is always come and go but always perfect for fall/winter.  I want to pick up a cute crossbody bag or embellished sneaker. 
I think I just love this fur because I saw Rihanna wearing this YSL piece. I actually am not a fan of fur unless its vintage but.. this is too cool. I love textures. This piece walked down the runway during the Vogue and Simon Malls Luxe fashion show at the Houston Galleria. 
One of my favorite colors this fall is camel. Suede is a huge trend so it folds into this color that I am obsessed with. I did a thrift call a couple weeks ago and picked up a few camel tees that I can't wait to wear. I really want a camel bag and some boots, and that cute button up skirt... and basically everything else in this trend board. 
I am such a season pusher... maybe I'll randomly pack up and move somewhere a little bit colder? You know... since I apparently love this season so much, and Houston isn't really about that life. Hmm....

Do you have a favorite trend?


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