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Sep 10, 2016


ITS THAT TIME AGAIN Y'ALL. Its NYFW and as usual, my attention is always on the street style. I just think its so cool to see what is going on today with the crowds. I have listed below 3 of my favorite Instagram accounts right now to trend spot.

How long have I been a Man Repeller fan? She has responded me a few times on twitter! I think her writing style is so funny and satirical. Her Instagram posts a lot of presentation photos and BTS shots!

The beckerman sisters are so cute and fun! They live in Moschino and it looks amazing in all of their photos. I follow them mostly for their style not really for updates on shows. If I was able I would raid their closet!

I just love following Chiara in general. Her own line features my FAVORITE MOTIF, a winking eye! She is just fabulous, like... if only my blog generated $7 million in revenue. PFFT.

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