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Oct 2, 2016

HELLO OCTOBER. Goodbye.... Houston?

This "Hello October" is not only late but also different.
Every month of the first I typically try to spread some good vibes for the month and recap the month before, as well as some new things going on the the next month.

So this month is going to be a little different.

Its no secret that all year I have been very unhappy with my job. A lot of things have happened since I started working 4 years ago. Not only have I gotten my own place, I've purchased my first car, and recently turned 26 and learned the joy of paying my own health insurance (that last one is a joke). All of these are typical life changes but when I first graduated college it has been more and more clear that my current company isn't one that was keeping up with how I am interested in growing my career. I'm not the only one like this, there are millions of articles on the internet about people who have the same struggle.

I've wanted to be a buyer since I graduated high school. You all know that because its all on this blog. I started writing this blog almost  8 years ago chronicling every dream I had, everything I think is cool, most events and experiences I have been through. I left out a lot of the bad things this year which all stemmed from my job. I feel back in love with blogging because its the one thing that I can create on my own with out someone telling me what it needs to be.

So it became clear, I need to approach my life the same. I spent a lot of time being unhappy and feeling worthless but it became clear, how can I show someone I have worth if I don't see it for myself first? If I was so unhappy at my job, it was only right to reroute my path and really find that perfect company for me. I am very talented, very creative and deserving of a lot more that what was I thought at the age of 22. I redid my resume, listened to plenty of motivational speeches and just said:  I can, I will, and I must. Its been like 8 months in the making.

In life you will come across great opportunities for the time, but they won't always be the best opportunity as you keep growing. In life you will come across many, many people. Some of them will become life long friends, and some of them will be snakes. That's sad, but that's life. In life, sometimes you will come across something that only sounds like a dream opportunity, and it is in that moment... I believe you should take it.

So here I am, I just quit my job and I'm moving across the country to Portland, Oregon as a part of the team at Adidas.

The sky isn't that clear yet, this is very yolo. I have no clue where I am going to live, and I'm not really sure if I'm going to love it as much as I love Houston but I can't really find out unless I try.

How boring is a life only lived in the comfort zone?

So here we are. Hey October, I'll be ending the month in a new place, with a new job, and a million new stories to share. I might be a little more sporadic with posts but only because I am really trying to get my life together.

Well, in addition to that. I have a few product reviews to hammer out as well as some fun events! Stay tuned y'all :)


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