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Jan 11, 2017


Every year I always say that I want to be sure to do and experience things I never have before. Well, apparently all of Portland was thinking the same because last night a record 9 inches of snow fell. In Texas I've maybe seen 1''... 1/2''.... nothing CRAZY. On Tuesday the news was predicting maybe 1-4.'' Everytime I glanced at my phone my weather app was moving the snow storm earlier and earlier in the day. Around 4 I looked at my boss and was like... So, I'm going home early because its snowing! I always feel so weird being PARANOID over snow. You can take the girl out of Houston but.... YOU CAN'T TAKE HOUSTON OUT OF THE GIRL. I left, again, at a great time, traffic was starting to build and it only took me an hour to get to my side of town.

I needed food! So I ran to Fred Meyer (Kroger for all my southern friends) and stocked up on a few fruits and vegetables because if I am going to be stuck at home I'm going to force myself to be healthy. The lines were not bad and I got everything I needed... and now I regret not buying candy and chips. By the time I left Fred Meyer it was starting to snow but wasn't sticking to the ground.
I got in and settled and perched in front of the window to see it all just dump down.
I expected to wake up to some thick snow but this was beautiful.
Apparently snow storms have names, this one is named Jupiter. The storm was at the point that it was snowing but there was lightening. Apparently thats rare.
I don't think they were made for this but adidas superstars are pretty solid snow shoes.

Definitely not in Texas anymore, at least Houston.

If you would have asked me before I would tell you all about how the thought of snow would probably kill me. Before moving the only thing I said that scared me was snow. Well, it snowed, I'm alive, and it's not that bad. Fear is so stupid y'all. It's barely above freezing the next few days so its not going to melt until maybe Sunday. I'm just not looking forward to it half melting then being ice.
Also, I need tire chains. Is there someone out there that is trying to seed to a blogger? Hahaha.



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