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Feb 20, 2017

GIVEAWAY: Springing Forward with Jord Watches

I can't get enough of these cool watches. I recently was sent a Frankie Wood Watch from Jord and it is quickly becoming my new favorite accessory for this spring. The Frankie comes in many colors. I have the Koa and Ash edition and my eye is on Purpleheart and Plum.
Its my first spring in Portland and its already a wet and rainy one! As we transition seasons, I can't wait to rock this watch a little more. Its been the perfect travel companion and looks great with everything.

What are your goals for Spring? I personally want to explore more of Portland and get back on my fitness routine. It's always rough getting into the flow of things during the winter. Its starting to thaw here in PDX, the days a getting a bit longer and before we know it, it will be time to set our clocks forward and spring ahead!  Here are some ways to get motivated for spring:

1) Make a Vision Board: I recommended this at the beginning of the year but a vision board is a great reminder of all of the things you want to accomplish. If you haven't yet, spring is a great time to get one started. 

2) Make a new routine: If you have skipped going to the gym, add a special day or two to your calendar. Take it slow and start increasing your commitment. 

3) Spring Clean: This one is obvious! Clean your closet, your kitchen, your storage. In moving over 2000 miles away from my hometown I strangely found it so easy to unload a lot of items that I had been hoarding though the years. 

4) Re-new: Now is a good time to start fresh. This can mean new wardrobe pieces, new home decor, or even trying new recipes. Maybe its the PNW gloom, but I am dying to add a little bit of color and life into my home. I already added a new statement piece to my wardrobe, my new Jord Watch.

5) Relax: I have been traveling a little bit, and it seems like everyone around me is sick! Now is a good time to refocus on personal health and read a good book, buy some new bath bombs, or even be a tourist in your own city. 

Spring is such a great time to spring forward. I'm giving everyone the chance to spring forward with me and Jord Watches!
I'm hosting a $100 Giveaway towards one of these lovely wood watches. My Luxury Wooden Watch Giveaway ends on 3/5! Everyone who enters wins a prize sooo be sure to try your big luck HERE.
Be sure to enter my giveaway below: 


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