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Jul 25, 2017


If you witnessed my slow descent into depression during winter, you heard my only source of happiness was watching random shows on Viceland. Desus and Mero have been a comedy source of mine for years now and since I just leave my TV on I have discovered many other interesting people and shows on the network!

The viceland offsite is easily my favorite of the con just because it was for the culture. The DJ was really good, they handed out so much swag and snacks. The bus was stocked with la croix and rose. I feel like I had to be filmed taking handfuls of stickers, pins, candy and whatever else they had out. My obsession is real. Regardless, it was a chill atmosphere and hilariously themed for their newest show "What Would Diplo* Do? " If you look closely at the marketing, the real Diplo is nowhere to be found. The "*" is for James Vanderbeek! He is trolling the world so hard with this show and on social media. It doesn't help that Diplo is even playing along!
Every year there is always talk of how crowded the floor is and how the San Diego convention center is too small to hold everyone. Weather wise I don't see a better city than San Diego to hold this experience, but Vegas or Orlando are probably way better equipped to do it. Besides the convention center nearby hotels and petco park were home to extended offsites to explore more into our favorite shows and movies. The one I regret not experiencing is the Netflix offsite! This was their first year with a dedicated presence and they really showed off and probably won in terms of best booth and offsite and free swag. Many girls were dressed at Eleven and it blows my mind how much of a force Netflix really is. They do not release any rating or revenue earnings but judging but the fandom and what they presented, they are doing very well. The future of television for sure. 

Stay tuned, I'll cover a few more activations and offsites tomorrow! Comic-Con is so interactive, I can't believe everything we cover in just four days.

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